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After Effects 5 Bible | J. J. Marshall, Zed Saeed, J.J. Marshall, Zed Saeed
After Effects 5 Bible | J. J.  Marshall, Zed  Saeed, J.J. Marshall, Zed Saeed
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Код товара: 467796
Автор: J. J. Marshall, Zed Saeed, J.J. Marshall, Zed Saeed
ISBN: 0764536559
Страниц: 1000

After Effects has been established as the world's most powerful and cost-effective solution for motion graphics professionals. The application has revolutionized the broadcast industry. Proof of the revolution was clear when the mid-1990s revealeda dazzling array of visual artistry in ad campaigns and television network promotions, the quality and the quantity of which had never been seen. Version 5.0 was a major upgrade (3D, expressions, parenting, to name a few) and Version 5.5 could hardly be considered a dot release. Truly phenomenal software, this build of After Effects boasts a variety of new features as well as vast enhancements to its user interface. There are numerous new filters for concretizing any visual effects that the mind can envision. Additionally, After Effects 5.5 includes improved 3D-compositing capabilities, greater command over expressions with the Expression Controls effects, as well as native support for OSX, among numerous other improvements. The After Effects Bible looks into every aspect of the application. Whether you're completely new to motion graphics, or an experienced hand looking for ways to get the most out of the recent upgrade, there is valuable, time-saving information to be found in each chapter. There are step exercises for everything from creating complex keyframe animations to animating cameras in 3D space. Whether it's read from front-to-back or used as a desktop reference, the After Effects Bible belongs in the motion graphic designer's library.

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